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PYLON Co. produces ethical, inspiring, innovative and practical architecture that is of an international standard.

Our projects are directly responsive to the needs of the client, the parameters of site and climate and the role of architecture in a sustainable future. Like all good workshops, we like to investigate the nature of how things work.

 We like to experiment and to find new answers to old questions. We use an understanding of how climate makes a site, how the site makes people, how people make buildings and to design from these basic principles without preconceptions.

This is why no two projects of ours appear the same because each project has primary ingredients individual from the last. We are not interested in championing a ‘style’ of architecture.

Overall we aim to be specific and to produce buildings that are highly tailored, particular and buildable. We choose materials and construction methods carefully and place a great deal of importance on how the buildings are crafted and how connections are made to existing buildings and context.

The materials and construction carry meaning in social, spatial, sculptural, emotional and aesthetic terms as well as being the primary practical concern in terms of building life cycle cost, embodied energy and budget. Pylon is a practice based in Zayed, EGYPT. We work on projects throughout urban, regional and remote areas of EGYPT. We work as a critical practice combing building projects, research, and teaching.

Our practice has a broad range of project experience producing architecture at different scales for domestic, commercial and government clients. Pylon has proven that as a practice we are consistently capable of delivering high quality design on time and on budget. We have a strong network of like-minded consultants, builders and suppliers.



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Mohamed Ismail

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Founder & General Manager


Amr El Azab

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Founder & CEO

Our Clients
Our Clients